Whatis Atma?

Atma is an Ahimsa vegetarian and vegan cafe and a conscious living lifestyle lounge. Atma is the Sanskrit word for body, mind and soul or the self. Atma’s mission statement is to satisfy the bodies, minds and souls of the people of Cardiff. Or in other words, to make everyone happy. Whatever your age, whether you want to enjoy tasty food made with love, take a yoga class or join in with a musical meditation, Atma is a place that will revive the soul, satisfy your appetite and help you connect with a healthier lifestyle influenced by ancient wisdom.



What we eat significantly affects our consciousness as well as our bodies. With this in mind, our menu features healthy, ethical and karma-free meals made with fresh, quality ingredients which we source locally and seasonally wherever possible. According to ancient yoga wisdom, the atma, or true self, is always seeking lasting happiness, and the food we eat has a significant part to play in this search. The right kind of food can give us a real happiness boost and enrich our lives while helping us to cultivate a more conscious way of living based on a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and our environment.



Atma is a Sanskrit term meaning the self or soul, the eternal spiritual spark of energy and consciousness that’s in every living entity- not only humans, but animals, insects, marine life, and plants. The Atma is individual and is situated in the heart although its influence is felt throughout the entire body. The ancient yoga texts of India teach that realisation of this eternally existing ‘self’ is the key to a meaningful, fulfilling life. By applying the timeless transcendental knowledge passed down through spiritual books like Bhagavad Gita, we can re-connect with our original, eternally blissful selves. Read more…